About us

The foundation of SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions (SBS) is built upon six simple words:
“Exceptional Quality. Service Excellence. Ethical Manufacturing.”
This is an ideology the company has lived up to and remained true to throughout its history, as the company has gone international. Today, SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions (SBS) trades in over 30 countries.
100% About the Customer
Positioning the customer at the center of the brand – in effect, letting the customer inform the brand’s research and development on its evolving range of products and features – is essential to SBS’s philosophy.

“The relationship we have with our customers is special and distinct, and we are privileged to have been part of each customer’s success stories .”
Daniel Hallauer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.
Building Resilience for the Future
Product Quality Leadership: The Best just keeps Getting Better

The Personal Touch
Every SBS product that goes into each order to the customer, undergoes a thoughtful selection review by the SBS Quality Management team before it is put forth to the customer for consideration.

The attention to detail and the high-quality standards SBS upholds is underpinned by the widely regarded symbols of Quality Management System (QMS) and Lean manufacturing principles.
SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions Services and Products:
● Design and engineering for bushing applications to support new concepts of machines &/or upgrading machinery > Learn more / Enquire now
● Distribution and production of finished machined bushings, sliding bearing components and engineering plastics > SBS 2020 Catalogue

The SBS Approach
With so much that goes into the making of SBS products, it is no small task vetting every input for greater traceability across our supply chain. Hallauer describes, “We make thoughtful choices to reduce our impact on the environment, which preserves our own place in the world. We ask tough questions to progress and improve sustainability efforts; and we do so in order to offer products that truly exemplify long-lasting quality, expression and design. There is nothing complicated about it: Well-designed products, exceptional outcomes.”
SBS quality control process includes:
● Business Partner Code of Conduct
● Self-Assessments & Site Visits
● Sustainability Plans
● Third-party Audits
● Material Certification

SBS’s business philosophy is built on giving back to communities and making a genuine difference in the lives of the people in the countries they are operating in.
Hallauer shares, “Our customers, employees, community and environment are our stakeholders. We consider them in every decision that we make.”

SBS Turns 15