Fibre-reinforced composite bushing, Maintenance-free

Technical details COM-KU®/D

  • Specific load capacity static ≤ 300 [N/mm2]
  • Specific load capacity dynamic ≤ 85 [N/mm2]
  • Sliding speed 0.6 [m/s]
  • Friction value 0.04 [µ] to 0.1 [µ]
  • Temperature strain -70 [°C] to 100 [°C] 130°C Short Term
  • Max. PV-value 0.4 [N/mm² x m/s]
  • COM-KU®/D comes in different grades for various applications and demands. Please consult our Technical Sales Engineer for more details.
  • Further information about Material Properties
fibre reinforced composite bushing


  • Polyester resin and polyester fabric with friction modifiers e.g. graphite, PTFE or MoS2 (depending on application), produced in a winding technique

Tolerance details

  • Housing Ø H7
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mounting specified by the client
  • Shaft tolerance Based on customer’s requirement
  • Fitting tolerances have to be “plastic-tailored” considering the larger expansion coefficient compared to metal sliding bearings. Therefore bigger fitting tolerances occur (to be advised by SBS)

Shaft material

  • Steel > 200HB dressed to size, surface roughness < 0.8 Ra


  • COM-KU®/D has good sliding properties, suitable for high load capacity esp for impact and edge loads, good chemical resistance, long life-span, good damping features.

Range of application

  • Marine and off-shore industry, hydro power, hydro mechanical, pipe laying,


  • COM-KU®/D is a maintenance-free material, however greasing with lithium based age resistant lubricants can enhance the bearing life.

Mounting advise

  • Housing: Chamfer min. 1.5 mm x 15-45°, for easy bushing alignment
    Shaft: Chamfer 5 mm x 15°, for easy insertion of the shaft
  • SBS advises to use a force fitting mandrel for the installation of the bushing. It might be necessary to apply some grease on the outer surface of the bushing
  • Freeze fitting is suitable for diameter > 130mm, dry ice or liquid nitrogen can be used.


* For higher requirements – e.g. higher temperature ranges – different materials are available in this category.

** The listed values in the material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. By changing the conditions of application, e.g. an increase in the sliding speed or strain, these values could shift.