extruded thermoplast plastic bushing, Maintenance-free

Technical details COM-KU®/X

  • Specific load capacity static ≤60 [N/mm2]
  • Specific load capacity dynamic ≤30 [N/mm2]
  • Sliding speed <1.7 [m/s]
  • Friction value 0.08 [µ] to 0.18 [µ] at velocity 1 m/min
  • Temperature strain -150 [°C] to + 70 [°C] short term +90°C
  • Max. PV-value 3.5 [N/mm² x m/s] dep. on environ. conditions
  • Moisture absorption 0.3 [% at 20°C in 24h]
extruded thermoplast plastic bushing


  • Support material High-quality plastic compound, extruded

Tolerance details

  • Housing Ø H5
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mounting D8/D9
  • Shaft tolerance Customer’s speciafication

Shaft material

  • Steel > 200 HB dressed to size, surface roughness ≤ 0.8 Ra


  • excellent sliding properties, elastic and suitable for higher loads and impact loads, very good wear behavior

Range of application

  • excellent suitability for the food industry, tale gates, lifting equipment


  • COM-KU®/X is maintenance-free

Mounting advise

  • Housing-Ø: Mounting bevel min 1.5mm x 15-45°
  • Shaft: Mounting bevel 5mm x 15°, edges rounded
  • The application of an adequate force fitting mandrel is advisable.


* For higher requirements – e.g. higher temperature ranges – different materials are available in this category.

** The listed values in the material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. By changing the conditions of application, e.g. an increase in the sliding speed or strain, these values could shift.