LUB-MET® Spherical Plain Bearing

stainless steel combination, Special spherical plain bearings with maintenance-free LUB-MET ball, Maintenance-free

Technical details LUB-MET® Spherical Plain Bearing

  • WithLUB-MET® sliding properties
  • All LUB-MET® type spherical plain bearings are maintenance-free
  • Standard production according to DIN dimenstions
  • Special measurements and designs are produced at short notice!
  • This sliding material causes no threat to health and environment (if ordered lead-free)!


  • Stainless steel / CuZn25Al5, CuAl10Ni
  • Sliding layer Bronze alloy with solid lubricant

Tolerance details

  • Housing Ø According to customer´s specification
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mounting According to customer´s specification
  • Shaft tolerance According to customer´s specification


  • Maintenance-free, no lubrication necessary
  • High load capacity
  • Compatible with all DIN – spherical plain bearings
  • Applicable in water with special SL4 solid lubrication plugs
  • Best suitable for movements which occur only in long intervals
  • The LUB-MET®/ stainless steel combination guarantees a faultless and long-term functionality of the bearing
  • Application at e.g. valve, barrage assets, ball valves, guide vane bearings, dampers, off shore applications etc.
  • Large dimensions > 500 mm possible, see data sheet
  • Many specials designs are possible beyond standard measurements
  • Through application of different Bronze and Steel alloys this bearing can be used in many different applications
  • The loose bearing type combines a LUB-MET® ball with a stainless steel outer ring
  • The fixed bearing type has a LUB-MET® outer ring with a stainless steel ball
  • These spherical plain bearings feature the sliding properties of LUB-MET®
  • This is a maintenance-free material which in respect of wear, is among the most durable materials
  • LUB-MET® Spherical plain bearings are produced predominantly in stainless steel in the bearing areas. But the use of different materials is possible
  • Depending on the bronze alloy, it can be used without specific constrictions or additional sealing in most of the liquid mediums in connection with stainless steel
  • Only at very abrasive mediums additional seals are recommended or necessary to prevent early wear

Range of application

  • Valve, barrage assets, ball valves, guide vane bearings, dampers, etc.


  • Not necessary


* On request further materials are available for higher demands, e.g. for higher temperature ranges.

** The above stated material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. Through changes of the application conditions e.g. higher sliding speed or strain, these values are subject to change.