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SBS offers an extensive range of sliding bearings to fulfil your needs!

SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions®Pte. Ltd. and its German counterparts have an experience for over 40 years with sliding bearing and bushing technology. With our German engineering know-how and our extensive range of bushing materials, we are able to solve nearly every Bearing issue. Located at the heart of South East Asia – in Singapore – we offer our customers not only simply plain bearings.

About Us

About SBS

SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions (SBS) is a globally recognized Bearings and Bushings company who has been in the Bearing Engineering business for over 50 years. Today, SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions (SBS) supply to our clients in over 30 countries.

By leveraging SBS’s engineering and technical consultancy capabilities, our customers have achieved and sustained continuous transformational value gains.

“Achieving consistency in quality practices and outcomes requires investment in research & development and customer relationships. It also requires sophistication of understanding in order to think about quality systematically. One can only achieve this through experience and research insights. Through the years, quality has informed so much of our organization’s decision making, embedding itself so deeply that it becomes a part of the SBS culture and essential to the company’s value proposition,” Daniel Hallauer, Founder and CEO.

SBS is deeply invested in capability building to help companies address current and future state operational processes. 

“One of the biggest questions we get from clients is how do I address the current applications and processes? What else can we do to get closer to our future state? How much resources do I spend on them? Those are just a few questions that come up and a lot of organizations struggle with how to balance operations and process management and improvement,” Hallauer. 

While some suppliers attempt to assure customers that they need not spend too much about their future state because this new equipment or this new product is going to tell you how your processes should work, SBS spends a huge amount of time helping customers define and analyze the current and future state is, understand what that blueprint is for and how the customer is going to deploy the new solution/product alongside this process improvements to enable this change management. 

Click here to read about how the 3 pillars of SBS’s Service Promise and transformative solutions have helped reached their goals faster than before: 

  • 100% About the Customer

Positioning the customer at the center of the brand where the customer informs our research and development, including our evolving range of products and features. 

Building Resilience for the Future

From Installation To Maintenance: Optimising Productivity For The Steel Industry

  • Reduce time-to-market through improved agility 

“We place a lot of emphasis on the discovery stage to understand our customers’ current state, and not just in terms of the qualitative conversation around what is working and what is s not, but more of a quantitative discussion around these are the actual metrics around how our processes are flowing, how long it takes for completion, where the steps are breaking down, where the variations are happening, where the exceptions are. 

The relationship we have with our customers is special and distinct, and we are privileged to have been part of each customer’s success stories, ” says Hallauer.

Celebrating one of our latest achievements

  • Provide sophisticated and innovative technical solutions, combined with German engineering insights and product designs

The fulfillment of every order to the customer undergoes a thoughtful selection review by the SBS Quality Management team before it is put forth to the customer for consideration.

The attention to detail and the high-quality standards SBS upholds is underpinned by the widely regarded symbol of the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Product Quality Leadership: The Best just keeps Getting Better

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