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SBS offers an extensive range of sliding bearings to fulfil your needs!

SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions®Pte. Ltd. and its German counterparts have an experience for over 40 years with sliding bearing and bushing technology. With our German engineering know-how and our extensive range of bushing materials, we are able to solve nearly every Bearing issue.
located at the the heart of South East Asia – in Singapore – we offer our customers not only simply plain bearings, but

simple solutions – flawless products – high quality services – performance-based prices.

SBS will exceed your expectations of a supplier, hence our customers see SBS more as a partner. Due to the quality and reliability of our products, performance and services, we are a much valued partner for well-known OEMs, manufacturers, repair service providers and dealers.

Through our huge variety of clients from all sorts of industries, SBS is able to generate an incomparable knowledge what kind of bearings material work best in what kind of applications and environments.

Take advantage of our experiences and quality for the successskyline-singa of your products!

Customized Solutions +++ Special Plain Bearings +++ Steel Bearings +++ Composite Bushings +++ Bronze Plain Bearings +++ Support Bearings +++ Special Spherical Plain Bearings

SBS Bearings core values are built on the following 3 pillars:

German Bearing Engineering and Consulting: Latest Bearing Material Technologies and Designs: Reliable Customer Service:
SBS kicked off as part of a family-run business from Munich, Germany. We have Bearing Engineering expertise for more than 50 years and experiences are shared among our Engineering teams. SBS also has a leading team of German Engineering expertise for more than 11 years here in Singapore.

On numerous occasions, we had been able to overcome the challenging problems of our customers. As such, we had improved the performance of the machines and equipment by implementing new bushing materials and improved design in terms of dimensions, shape, proper tolerance fittings, additional sealings and grease distribution by proper groove designs. Our consulting also includes the advice of correct counter or mating surface (e.g. shafts) as well as lubrication oils and greases to a certain extent.

With our vast experience from different industries, we are also able to cross reference successful implementations of certain designs and materials to similar applications from other industries. In particular, with our repair and overhaul experience, we are able to analyse, how the bearing materials work under the given REAL working conditions. Most bearing life data is generally collected in laboratory tests under the “best” working conditions which may not necessarily be realistic as the actual applications especially in the outdoors, in the water, etc. At SBS, our client can be rest assured that the engineering and consulting will surpass their expectations.

SBS has one of biggest varieties of Bushing Materials in the market. With close to 30 different material groups and several material variations within these groups, SBS is able to cater to a wide range of Industries and find solutions to numerous kind of problems related to bearings.

The variety of our materials provide the full advantage for our clients. With our experience and the selection of bearing materials, SBS is able to offer the BEST and MOST SUITABLE material and design for our CLIENT’S APPLICATION.

Our satisfaction level with our clientele is very high. SBS, provides personalised relationship with our customers due to a greater flexibility in our work flow and lower hierarchies.

Such customer service is extremely valued by our clients, who are able to experience our fast support in emergency situations. We also take the initiative to hand deliver urgent goods for our customers if necessary, even to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Our SBS engineers are up-to-date with the safety courses which is extremely important to do site inspection, e.g. on drilling rigs. We take the initiative for any kind of site inspection, being it close by to Singapore or far way off-shore. Often, this is the only way to determine the root problem of the bearing failure as simply too many factors can play together why a bearing is failing. In order to find a solution for total satisfaction, it is necessary to understand “WHY”.