Product Quality Leadership: The Best just keeps Getting Better

After 15 years of operations in Asia, SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions (SBS) has expanded its perspective on quality to address customer requirements with performance standards so that SBS quality standards inform the design of products and the management of supply contracts.

Daniel Hallauer, Founder and CEO thoughtfully reflects, “It takes time for any business to be able to reflect the voice of the customer in its operating systems. Achieving consistency in quality practices and outcomes, requires investment in developing deeper solutions and customer relationships. It also requires sophistication of understanding in order to think about quality systematically. Through the years, quality has informed so much of our organization’s decision making, embedding itself so deeply that it becomes a part of the SBS culture and essential to the company’s value proposition.”

The world today demands not just high quality but also quality leadership. Every project that carries the SBS quality seal has met, if not exceeded customer expectations: every day, every shipment, in each product, year after year.

“That is where the true value is, measured not only in higher revenues from greater customer satisfaction but also in higher operational efficiency and effectiveness due to increases in productivity and collaboration for quality,” added Hallauer.

With a culture rooted in progress, SBS has been intently building capabilities that push its business into new areas on the foundational elements of quality. The entire organisation immersed itself in capability-building sessions to understand the competitive reasons for higher quality and the implications for day-to-day work. Deeper problem-solving methodologies led to new ways of serving customers from every touchpoint.

Hallauer shares, “At SBS, quality is not mainly a question of bottom-line savings but of top-line revenue generation. Every year, we have been achieving higher quality at competitive costs. This way, our customers can look forward to a quality evolution without an incremental price tag to match.”

The result has featured an increase in customer satisfaction, evident in SBS’s year-on-year renewed growth. A client (to be remained as anonymous) commended SBS in our yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey:

“.…is impressed with the customer service and “can do” attitude from everyone from SBS when we ordered our bearings for our platform. Our engineers in the United Kingdom & Canada are very happy to have you as part of our valued supply chain.”

Quality Manufacturing Services You Can Count On

It can be difficult to choose a reliable provider of high-quality bearings and bushings. As a supply chain manager, quality control and product tracking are key factors for consideration, alongside technical capabilities, overall pricing and individual customer service.

The good news is selecting a provider that understands quality to guarantee precision and continuous standards does not need to be an extensive, time-consuming process.

Industry research has found that the two most highly observed by customers are the widely regarded symbols of:

  1. Quality management system
  2. Lean manufacturing process

Drivers of quality and continuous improvement 

At SBS, high-quality standards are guaranteed by a well-defined quality management system (QMS) and the utilization of lean manufacturing principles at every step of the fabrication process.

SBS operates under strict ISO 9001:2015 certification ensuring that we create the same precision part over and over again with unerring detail.

The success of the projects that SBS has delivered are a testimony of our bearings and bushings capabilities, operating at the highest level of excellence possible.

In addition to QMS, SBS has also adopted lean manufacturing practices to improve the manufacturing process by continually identifying and promoting value-added activities and eliminating what does not.

With SBS, customers can always look forward to economic and sustainable environment benefits in several different ways:

  • Overall Cost Reduction
  • Waste Minimization
  • Quality Assurance Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Product Delivery Speed
  • Positive Environmental Effects
  • Knowledge-based Service Support

Case of a satisfied client from the Plantation Industry, using our LUB-MET® bushing:

Installation 01.09.2016

1st inspection 16.12.2016

2nd inspection 19.5.2017






In short, the best just keeps getting better.

Talk to us  today and let us help you achieve greater operational efficiencies in your projects.




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