Mining Bearings

This article discusses the different types of bearings used in the mining industry and their benefits. Roller bearings are expected to remain the most dominant type of bearing, while spherical roller bearings are gaining in popularity due to their ability to resist contamination and withstand slow speeds.  Sliding bearings have been used in the mining industry for decades and are now being used more than ever. SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions Pte Ltd, make replacement or repair of existing bearings possible, providing customers with a cost-effective option for their equipment needs. Bearing shells are manufactured to the highest standards and specialist engineering experience ensures that the correct bearing shell is chosen. Reverse engineering solutions are offered, as well as upgrade solutions to resolve any plain bearing issues within the mining industry. 

Sliding bearings in the mining industry are heavily relied on to provide support for operations and are expected to outlast roller bearings. With the largest and fastest growing market, it is no surprise that sliding bearings would be a dominant product type in the mining industry. Sliding bearings are well known for their ability to obtain low maintenance costs and longer bearing service life when compared to other options. As organic growth takes the same path as Asia, obtaining experienced manufacturers within this region is necessary for equipment development. Adopting the right solution allows shocks and misalignments while increasing bearing service life with their capacity.

Sliding Bearings in the mining industry are designed to provide features such as marginal lubrication, lubricated applications and thin film conditions. The bearing itself is composed of hardened steel and case hardened steel to resist wear and tear, while a grooved sliding layer provides additional protection. This type of bearing is suitable for low rotation speeds and offers superior chemical resistance.    

Sliding bearings in the mining industry are key components in this sector, and their usage is increasing with the development of new technologies. Bearing manufacturers are a crucial part of the industry’s value chain, as they need to fulfil market data needs and provide bearings that meet the specific requirements of each mining operation. SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions plays a vital role in providing cost-effective solutions to meet customer needs.    

Sliding bearings are an important component in the mining industry, as they help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs associated with conveyor systems. They suffer many conveyors, experience expensive maintenance and have a shorter service life than roller bearing technologies. Roller bearings have a longer service life and are used in many mining applications such as tensioning pulley bearings and cement applications. Heat treatment is also used for these types of bearings to increase their longevity in hostile environments. Many mining companies experience great positive impact from sliding bearing applications due to their performance in the field, and their ability to withstand a wide range of conditions. 

The use of superior wear resistance, special internal bearing geometry and a high quality grease selection can reduce the internal rolling friction and friction torque. Ball and roller bearings are often used in these applications. However, the spherical roller bearing has shown innovative product development when it comes to poor lubrication conditions in high contamination environments. This superior design has resulted in near doubling of the bearing rating, resulting in lower operating temperatures, improved reliability and longer service life. With advancements in product technology, super class bearings have also been developed to further reduce friction and improve performance. The use of such specialised bearings have demonstrated superior performance compared to traditional sliding bearings with improved wear resistance and increased life span even under extreme conditions.  

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