COM-KU®/D Spherical Plain Bearing

stainless steel bearing, compatible with all DIN – spherical plain bearings, Maintenance-free

Technical Detail

Stainless steel outer ring / COM-KU®/D ball * also available with stainless steel inner ring as fixed bearing

  • ISO 6124 (ND Serie) and ISO 6124/3 (HD Serie)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be exchanged with all DIN - joint bearings
  • Also suitable for water and seawater applications
  • This sliding material does not pose a threat to the environment!
  •  [N/mm2]


    Housing Ø

    According to customer´s specification

    Bushing inner-Ø after mounting

    According to customer´s specification

    Shaft tolerance

    According to customer´s specification [N/mm2]


    Stainless steel outer and inner ring, with COM-KU®/D sliding layer

  • Maintenance-free, no lubrication necessary
  • High load capacity - due to thin plastic intermediate layer
  • Compatible with all DIN - spherical plain bearings
  • Applicable in water, as COM-KU®/D doesn’t swell and the metal parts are produced from rust-free stainless steel
  • Suitable at best for movements which occur only in long intervals
  • The non-ageing sliding layer prevents adhesion of the parts and guarantees therefore a faultless and long-term functionality of the bearing
  • Application at e.g. valve, barrage assets, ball valves, guide vane bearings, dampers, etc.
  • Large measurements are produced in parted models, inner diameter > 500 mm possible, see data sheet
  • Many specials designs are possible beyond standard measurements
  • Through application of different plastic mixtures it is possible, to produce the special spherical plain bearings to the requested specifications

    Valve, barrage assets, ball valves, guide vane bearings, dampers, etc.


    Not necessary


    * For higher requirements – e.g. higher temperature ranges – different materials are available in this category.

    ** The listed values in the material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. By changing the conditions of application, e.g. an increase in the sliding speed or strain, these values could shift.

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