Fearless leadership: Wins that have stood the test of time

Since day one, putting the customer first has been core to SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions’ (SBS) corporate strategy. The ongoing efforts of developing higher quality, improved products, delivered by highly trained technical specialists have raised the bar in the industry. It is this very promise to customers that they come first is why SBS customers have continued to choose SBS first.

“Customer first is the lens where we place all our interactions with our customers — holding them as the guiding force behind everything we do,” says Daniel Hallauer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at SBS. “It’s a core value to who we are and want to be as a company and how we want our customers to feel about us.”

Across all aspects of operations, SBS has succeeded in building customer relationships that matter across the organization, at every step of the customer journey. This includes:

  • The quality of its products or services
  • The honesty of its product marketing
  • The ease of its sales cycle

By taking the time to learn from customers and using those valuable insights to get better, SBS has earned considerable customer commendations.

“To us, our service promise represents our wholehearted investment in serving the needs of customers—and in going further to earn their confidence, loyalty and trust,” states Hallauer. SBS’s confidence in its delivery is also featured in its guarantee on SBS bushings.

While some would argue that a time-based promise can be challenging to keep, it is easy to measure. SBS has done a great job at maintaining its reputation and keeping their promise.

Is warranty unearned revenue though?

In a traditional model, firms would rely on profit contributions from customer orders to replace parts. Hallauer shares his view, “This fee source definitely supports the business. As we go forward, undertaking incremental improvements to services, products and processes is key to enhancing our customer experience.”

Efforts to enrich customer value and enhance customer experience have brought rich rewards. In the last 16 years, SBS’s differentiator as a customer first organization has generated business confidence, delivered lucrative and continual breakthroughs.

This is eminent in the technical excavation process where SBS specialists review the complete workflow that cuts across multiple usage schedules and operation requirements.

Hallauer shares his experience, “We have seen how available products in the market focus only on one end of a workflow but do not address the operations that support it. Implementing the use of such products is unlikely to be sustainable. Demonstrated experience and understanding are needed in both underlying processes and the way employees work to offer products and services with distinct competitive necessities and advantages.”

The investment SBS has undertaken to integrate concurrent research and iterative, user-centered, innovation processes is featured in the numerous field tests across industries.

A recent example includes a field test conducted in steel plants across South East Asia to demonstrate the success of SBS’s FER-MAN®259 Bushing (600/700HV) in terms of machinery uptime.

Customers have since looked towards FER-MAN®259 Bushing for minimum 8 times longer usage compared to bronze bushings.

Use cases of this product have also affirmed:

  • Zero risk of fracture on the bushing or the trunnion
  • No risk of ladle damage caused by bending because of the high friction on worn-out bushing.
  • Negligible wear after 10 years of operation between 0.5 and 3mm

A prominent steel industry operator who is a long-time SBS customer shares, “The very cost-effective maintenance of FER-MAN®259 Bushing is another compelling reason why we have selected it as our product of choice. Productivity bottlenecks are removed from the daily workflows as this product does not require grease or replacements of bronze bushing.”

The ensuing longer usage time in the ladle has offered companies an accessible avenue to go greener in its operations.

SBS’s exceeding success in capturing new sources of value, insights about what really matters to customers and how best to deliver it to them has been a combination of hard work, long hours and an uncompromising integrity to do right.

“Trust and credibility are two integral components to any business relationships. I believe when customers find that they have a partner to their business whom they can rely on, day in and day out, that trust becomes the foundation of a successful relationship and a critical basis for credibility,” Hallauer states. “All features and functionalities of SBS’s products and services are developed with this in mind. Our purpose as a business exists on the premise of meaningful work and value creation. Our teams are equipped to deliver beyond conventional solutions and look for ways to enable our customers to deliver on their competitive advantage.”

Benefits of change are great. The immediate challenge though, will be choosing how to structure and rollout, and deciding where and how to get started. Let SBS help you with that. Call us at +65 6316 3850 or email [email protected] today for a no-obligation discussion.



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