Making a Difference Towards a More Resilient and Sustainable Ecosystem

Making a Difference Towards a More Resilient and Sustainable Ecosystem

by Rachelle Lee

When the world came to a standstill in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, we found ourselves having to adapt and change. Businesses had to shift the focus of their agendas. Today, after more than a year of seeing the world repair the economic, social, and emotional toll that the pandemic has wrought, SBS – Singa Bearings Solutions (SBS) is earnestly looking at the broader issue of resilience and sustainability.

One might ponder, given the scope of challenge of current times, can businesses afford to devote attention to areas concerning sustainability?

Daniel Hallauer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SBS, is undeterred. “We need to. Responding to the pandemic and addressing sustainability issues are not mutually exclusive efforts. The earth’s warming over the next decade is unavoidable. Mitigating this change is therefore a necessary response.”

With the current pandemic providing a foretaste of what a full-fledged climate crisis could entail in terms of simultaneous exogenous shocks to supply and demand, disrupting supply chains, pressure is building on companies of all sizes across industries to address sustainability for potential benefits including lowered costs, higher revenues, mitigated risks, and in the long term, a stronger brand.

The menu of options for meeting this critical challenge range from relatively modest solutions that many companies are already implementing, to solutions that will demand significant innovation.

In recent years, SBS has been seeking out new opportunities to help customers and partners reach higher levels of resilient and sustainable growth.

As the ferocious global pandemic comes into sharper focus, SBS has leveraged its considerable technical know-how, putting in place solutions with its innovative products, working with customers to attain a more resilient and sustainable operational efficiencies.


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“This is a unique time for SBS on our sustainability journey,” Hallauer adds, “In a world where change is a constant, we are driven to use what we know, what we have learnt, what we have experienced to solve complexities across a variety of applications for the steel, mining, hydropower, marine/offshore, construction industries we work with around the region.”

As Hallauer concedes that the pandemic is at the top of everyone’s mind, he is determined to press on and move ahead with the improvement levers he has chartered for SBS.

“While the pandemic has certainly presented its own set of challenges to businesses in nearly every corner of the globe, it has also underscored how powerful collective action can be. We have seen successful collaborations between companies and joint initiatives delivering significant impacts and profound performance improvements,” says Hallauer. “Being agile and having a mindset that is open to possibilities is required to successfully navigate what is before us. We need to be conscious to steer the conversation away from ‘shut down’ mode to ‘build’ mode. We need to continually be thinking about operating in resilient and sustainable ways.”

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Building Resilience for the Future 

The SBS mission in all of this is simple: to provide the world with exceptional products, industry insights and technical solutions. The company’s emphasis in improving reliability is to raise the bar for efficiency, reliability and performance while driving sustainability.

“How do we do it?” Hallauer pauses in a moment of retrospect before continuing, “We passionately push the boundaries to create value by collaborating with customers to deliver next-level performance, technical engineering evaluations to use the solutions we provide to explore, improve or rethink equipment performance.”

SBS research has found that the average company could make significant savings by investing in reliable design and manufacture of bearings and technical solutions, compared to the cost of repairing damage after it happens.

The SBS Solution = SBS Efficiency + SBS Technical expertise + SBS Improved Product Features and Quality

Greater Cost Savings for Mining customer with SBS solutions

Hallauer adds, “Our investment in research has helped us better understand both the challenges and the opportunities as we sought answers to some very extraordinary challenges. In a world where change is a constant, we are driven to use what we know, what we have learnt, what we have experienced to solve complex challenges across a variety of applications for the steel, mining, hydropower, marine/offshore, construction industries, around the region.”

Across the last 16 years of operations, SBS‌ has worked with a wide spectrum of industries on projects that have the potential to change the world. SBS’s ‌commitment to shaping‌ ‌a‌ resilient ‌ecosystem‌ is evident in its conscious efforts to connect ‌customers, partners, suppliers, employees in‌ ‌a‌ ‌responsible‌ ‌and‌ ‌a sustainable‌ ‌way.‌ ‌

SBS views its unique‌ ‌position‌ ‌‌to‌ ‌influence‌ ‌the‌ ‌industry‌ ‌to‌ ‌operate‌ ‌in‌ ‌resilient and sustainable‌ ‌ways as a way of ‌making‌ ‌a‌ ‌positive‌ ‌difference‌ ‌to its communities.

SBS’s Chief Operating Officer, Judy Hallauer speaks of how the SBS culture is anchored in its contributions towards a responsible workplace, operations and supply engagement. “We encourage every employee to be part of a force for good. Our internal awareness towards creating a responsible impact on our people, community, and the environment is key as we prioritise the environmental impact of our operations, alongside supporting the causes we care about. It is only then, can we be able to make a true difference.”



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