Steel Industry Customers Choice: Most popular SBS Bearings

MOST Popular for use in the Steel Industry

FER-MAN ® Bushing 259 (600/700HV)

FER-MAN® 259 can last min. 8 times longer compared to bronze bushings and highly sought after for the following benefits:

  • wear after 10 years of operation between 0.5 and 3mm!
  • no risk of fracture on the bushing or the trunnion
  • no risk of ladle damage caused by bending because of the high friction on worn-out bushings
  • very cost-effective on maintenance (does not require grease and replacing bronze bushing again)
  • longer usage time in the ladle and boost productivity
  • easiest contribution to become “Green”


Most versatile:

SBS’s LUB-MET® has proven to perform best in this harsh environment extending the uptime of equipment such as the ladle trunnion bushing compared to the OEM equipment. And we have numerous field tests in various steel plants in South East Asia to prove its success in terms of machinery uptime.

Furthermore, SBS’s LUB-MET® is customisable to any shape that is required to fit any OEM dimensions.

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